Tired of waiting for cash? Improve your cash flow
  • Unlock the value of your invoices now!
  • Get-up-to 90% of your outstanding invoices paid upfront
  • Financing for sole traders through to large corporations and in-between
Why use us?
  • We are one of the UK’s largest Finance brokers
  • We have relationships with all of the major banks & independent financiers
  • All quotes come from recognised & established UK financecompanies
  • Our Service is FREE, we will never ask you for any money
  • Quotes tailored to YOUR business needs
Am I eligible for invoice finance?
  • You are a business based in the UK that sells to other companies
    in or outside the UK
  • You have at least £50,000 in annual turnover or are a strong startup
  • Your invoices are issued with trade credit terms of 14 – 90 days
Added benefits of invoice finance
  • Get credit risk assessments on your customers
  • Help in negotiating better terms with suppliers if required
  • If requested get immediate finance on other assets such as raw materials, property, finished products, and plant & machinery
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